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Christmas Comes to the Crimson Throne!!

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#1 The Hunter

The Hunter


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Posted 25 December 2013 - 12:38 AM

Merry Christmas everyone! In the holiday spirit I'm gonna let each player submit a wish list. The wish may consist of up to 5 items and they may be magical or nonmagical. Each item on the list must be worth 8,000 gp or less. When you submit the list tell me the name of the item and what book you found the item in so that I may go look at the full item description. I will choose one item on the list to give each player. No timeline on this. Consider it a coupon that you can cash in on. Whenever, though it only applies to your characters in this campaign.


It is preferable if you submit the list to me as a private message here on the forum.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

#2 The Hunter

The Hunter


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Posted 25 December 2013 - 01:07 AM

Some rules clarification:


1) This is 8,000 gp book value, not what you could craft it for value (since you are not crafting it).

2) 5 individual items. Not 5 bundles of items totaling up to 8,000 gp.

3) I will be choosing 1 item from the list. So having multiple items on the list that are cheap will not get you multiple items.

4) Whatever item you get should NOT be sold in game unless something better comes along within the campaign and your character will no longer use it. Do not get something that you are just going to turn around and sell.

5) This item will NOT be taken away if something happens to the party. Somehow, the item is tied to you and if something happens such as the party being captured and their stuff taken or their homes ransacked, etc., this item will "turn up" somewhere for them whether by appearing back home, your friend's house, the church, etc.

6) The item must be a Pathfinder item (not something out of D&D 3.5) and it must be something from a Paizo referenced source (basically any Paizo books but not a third party Pathfinder supplement book).

7) This item will come to you in some sentimental way to your character and so must be treated as such by your character. A gift from a loved one, a gift from a close friend, etc. How you got it and where it came from will be decided by me and you will be informed upon receiving the item.

8) Wish list items CANNOT be an additional enchantment or enhancement to a currently owned item. It MUST be a completely new item. So no increasing a weapon from +1 to +2 or the like.


If you have any further questions let me know. These rules clarifications are subject to change and can be added to as I see fit to prevent the gift from being taken advantage of (even more so than being given a free 8,000 gp lol).

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