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Empower Spell Clarification

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 04:22 PM

Last night Dad and I were discussing the Empowered Spell metamagic feat and how it would work with Magic Missile. The question was do you apply the extra 50% damage before or after adding the +1 to the d4 roll. This also brings up how the metamagic feat works for healing spells, such as Cure Light Wounds, 1d8+5. Do you apply the extra 50% to the d8 roll only or to the d8+5 total?


Found a helpful thread regarding this topic on the Paizo Ruels Question forum, Empowered Magic Missle.


By the reading of it, each magic missile's damage is calculated using this equation: (d4+1)*1.5.

For a Cure Light Wounds cast at caster level 5 or higher it would heal an amount per this equation: (1d8+5)*1.5.

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